Coal Stove Xtra


Coal Stove Xtra is the perfect cooking companion. It is neat and cooks very fast!

Guaranteed Quality! Jikokoa Xtra comes with a two-year warranty which is activated by texting the word HELP to 22876.

Xtra Size: Largest modern consumer charcoal; cooks for 15+ people
Xtra Durability: Kenya’s longest-lasting charcoal
Xtra Savings: Highest fuel savings of any stove… Proven in laboratory testing
Xtra Strength: Cast iron cooktop, strong rubber feet, extra-tough side body construction
The Jikokoa cooks 50% faster
High temp and lightweight. Designed to withstand 1300C and keep your Jikokoa cool to the touch. High durability. Balances fuel and air mixture. Allows you to control the temperature while you cook. Keeps your Jikokoa clean.

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